Welcome to our 12th Season !

Monday, June 9th, begins our 12th season at Hamilton Park. Our rain site till June 30th will be PS#17, located on 600 Bergen Ave, Jersey City, NJ. Parking and the entrance is in the back of the school. Starting July 1st, it will be MS#7, located on 222 Laidlaw Ave.  Come down, bring a chair, and watch some competitive Boys High school basketball games at beautiful Hamilton Park.  Our barbecue vendor this year will be Carmine’s Pizza Factory. Below is this week’s schedule. The first game starts at 4:00pm between Union Catholic vs McNair. See you there!


Monday, June 9, 2014

          4:00 pm      Union Catholic vs. McNair

          5:00 pm      Lincoln vs. McNair

          6:00 pm      Union Catholic vs. Snyder

          7:00 pm      Lincoln vs. Dickinson

          8:00 pm      Mt. Olive vs. Snyder

          9:00 pm      Mt. Olive vs. Ferris


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

          4:00 pm      Ferris vs. Dickinson

          5:00 pm      McNair vs. Dickinson

          6:00 pm      Ferris vs. Newark Tech

          7:00 pm      Snyder vs. Newark Tech

          8:00 pm      McNair vs. Rumson-Fair Haven

          9:00 pm      Lincoln vs. Rumson-Fair Haven


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

          4:00 pm      Snyder vs. McNair

          5:00 pm      Snyder vs. Ferris

          6:00 pm      Lincoln vs. Bergen Catholic

          7:00 pm      Point Pleasant Boro vs. Bergen Catholic

          8:00 pm      Point Pleasant Boro vs. Ramapo

          9:00 pm      Dickinson vs. Ramapo


Thursday, June 12, 2014

          4:00 pm      Ferris vs. McNair

          5:00 pm       Ferris vs. Lincoln

          6:00 pm      Snyder vs. Lincoln

          7:00 pm      Mt. Olive vs. McNair

          8:00 pm      Mt. Olive vs. Union Catholic

          9:00 pm      Dickinson vs. Union Catholic


Friday, June 13, 2014

          4:00 pm      St. Anthony’s vs. St. Anthony’s JV

          5:00 pm      St. Anthony’s vs. McNair

          6:00 pm      North Brunswick vs. St. Anthony’s JV

          7:00 pm      North Brunswick vs. Colts Neck

          8:00 pm      Trenton vs. Colts Neck

          9:00 pm      Trenton vs. Snyder

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