Exciting News: New Hamilton Park Basketball Court!

Some exciting news to tell you all! Today, July 2nd, the Hamilton Park Summer League has now a new basketball court! With the help of the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association, they were able to raise the money for a new court and partner up with the company Sport Court for a new basketball court at Hamilton Park. Today was the unveiling of the new court at Hamilton Park, and we are grateful to be the first ones to try out the court! 🙂 The Hamilton Park Summer League would like to thank the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association for their hard work raising the money and providing us with a brand new basketball court down here at Hamilton Park! They really make Hamilton Park a special place to be! We would also like to thank Sport Court for a marvelous job with the court as well! We appreciate your hard work. 🙂 Check out a few pictures from today with the new look of the Hamilton Park basketball court featuring the first game between St. Peter’s Prep vs. Snyder!

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