A Special Thank You Letter to All!

The Hamilton Park Summer League would like to thank everyone for another remarkable season! Because of your hard work and dedication, all of you make a difference in contributing to the league. We are lucky to have all of you on our team, and without your commitment and support, our league would not have continued for 19 years! 

My staff and I would like to thank Mayor Steve Fulop, the Jersey City Municipal Council, and Director Lucinda McLaughlin for supporting our 19th season at Hamilton Park. Special thanks to Moishe’s Moving Systems for purchasing our reversible jerseys, KRE Real Estate Group for purchasing our shorts, Brian Neary, Esq., Dr. Shuman Urologist, Scott Pollack, Financial Group, and Josh Gregg JAG Engineering for purchasing our T-Shirts. Thank you to the JCPD East District for watching over us at Hamilton Park and keeping our community safe. We are also grateful to the Department of Public Works for helping restore our lights on the court. We would also like to show special appreciation to all our rain sites for the games this season: Nick Fargo for letting us use County Prep HS, Dickinson HS and their Custodial Staff, and Nick Mariniello from Hudson Catholic. Thank you to Gerald Lyons, President of the Jersey City Board of Education, the Jersey City Parking Authority, Elna Mukaida and HPNA for all your support.

To our sponsors, thank you for once again for your generosity in supporting the Hamilton Park Summer League. Your support alongside with the J.C. Department of Recreation & Youth Development that allows the Hamilton Park Summer League to give out such prestige awards. Most of all, we would like to thank you, the fans, and the Hamilton Park Community who came out to watch the games every night. Your support is a part of what makes our league such a great success. You have welcomed us each year with open arms, and your hospitality is always appreciated! 

To all the coaches and participants of the 22 teams that participated, you made our 19th season a very successful one with your cooperation, your dedication and support. Our league is the best League in New Jersey and the Tri-State area. A sincere thank you to all our referee officials for a job well done this season! We would like to congratulate the Patrick School on winning the championship this season, and we would also thank Hudson Catholic for a great Championship game and their performance on the court. In addition, we would like to congratulate Hudson Catholic’s Elijah Gertrude who became our MVP of the Hamilton Park Summer League. Special thanks to our photographers Peter Zirnis, Christian Rubet, and Ture Dock, and all the other photographers who sent us great pictures of our future stars. Your photography and work is much appreciated. To our announcer John Hester, Alesa our Singer, & DJ Ricky, you are all a part of our success. We would also like to thank Matt Bruining who did a tremendous job with our Hamilton Park Summer League website, helping us hit a milestone with WordPress which reached over 500,000 hits!  

We are looking forward to our 20th season in 2023 at beautiful Hamilton Park! We will continue in making our summer league even better next year! It is a known fact that Hamilton Park is one of the best summer leagues around. Any teams who would like to participate should e-mail us at Hamiltonpark9@aol.com by the end of March 2023. Anyone who would like to donate to the Hamilton Park Summer League can also do so. The Department of Recreation and Youth Development Donations help make our league such a great success. Once again, with gratitude & APPRECIATION TO ALL OF YOU!  It was great to be back for our 19th season, and we look forward to our big celebration of our 20th season at beautiful Hamilton Park and being a part of the Hamilton Park Community!

Pat Devaney



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