Hamilton Park Summer League: 18th Season Team Roster

Hamilton Park Fans! We are happy to announce this year’s 2021 Team Roster for our 18th Season here at the Hamilton Park Summer League. This season, we have made an addition of 11 new teams. A lot of competitive action will take place this summer! Below is the official roster for this season:

Hamilton Park Summer League 2021 Roster

Patrick SchoolLincoln
Gill St. Benard’sMemorial
Middletown NorthColonia
DickinsonDePaul Catholic
Old BridgeSt. Joe’s Metchuen
Union HSWatchung Hills
St. Peter’s PrepHudson Catholic
North Star AcademyIrvington
St. John VianneyCurtis SI
Paramus CatholicRobbinsville

We are super excited for our 18th Season here at Hamilton Park. As stated previously, the Hamilton Park Summer League will be dedicating this season to the great basketball icon, Tom Konchalski. We wish all teams the best of luck this season! Stay tuned for more information and updates moving forward. See you all soon at Hamilton Park! 🙂

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