A Huge Thank You and Shoutout!

The Hamilton Park Summer League would like to give a huge shoutout and thank you to a group of sponsors and referees that provided a huge donation this year to our newly invested shot clock system for our 18th Season here at the Hamilton Park Summer League! For the first time ever, we will be implementing a 30-second shot clock to make the game of basketball more competitive. Being the first boy’s High School Basketball summer league in the state of New Jersey to operate the shot clock system is a huge opportunity for us, and we cannot wait for this summer to see this in action! Below is a list of sponsors and referees who took part in this milestone for Boys High School Basketball in the state of New Jersey:

Hamilton Park Summer League Sponsors

Hamilton Park Neighborhood AssociationHelen’s Pizza
Shayan RakhitDoctor Elliot Shulman
Steve & Maria KalcanidesBBShootout Tournament’s
JLD Tax & Accounting, LLCOld Bridge Head Coach Jim Macomber
Armagno Agency, Inc. Rich Sudimack


Ken LeeAnthony Migliore
Scott RushGeorge Mayrol
Dino HatzisavvasPaolo Trujillo 
Tom FitzgeraldAndres Castano

The Hamilton Park Summer League thanks all of these sponsors and referees for making this opportunity happen! We truly appreciate your support! Anyone who would like to donate or sponsor this year to the Hamilton Park Summer League, please contact us via e-mail at hamiltonpark9@aol.com. Stay tuned for more updates about the Hamilton Park Summer League on our website in the next upcoming weeks! 🙂

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