WE’RE BACK!! Hamilton Park Summer League 18th Season!

Hamilton Park Fans!! We are so proud to announce that the Hamilton Park Summer League is officially back this Summer! We missed all of our fans and the Hamilton Park Community as it has been too long without you all. 2020 has been an unexpected year with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, forcing all activities to be on pause. However, we are feeling optimistic and look to bring back one of the best summer leagues in the Tri-State area while promoting a safe environment!

A couple of exciting news to share with you all: The Hamilton Park Summer League is anticipated to start on June 7th and finish on August 11th, with the rain date projected to be on August 12th. Jersey City Department of Recreation & Youth Development Director Lucinda McLaughlin has granted us the green light to allow the Hamilton Park League to happen. We would like to thank her and the City of Jersey City for making this happen!

New Change This Year: 30-Second Shot Clock is being implemented this year! For the first time this year, The Hamilton Park Summer League will be implementing a shot clock system, making the game much more competitive and fast-paced. We will be the first Boy’s High School Basketball summer league in the state of New Jersey to implement the shot clock system. We would like to thank the sponsors and referees who have donated to this great investment as this will benefit our teams and the game of basketball!

For the 18th season, the Hamilton Park Summer League will be dedicated to the great Tom Konchalski (January 8, 1947 – February 8 2021). Mr. Konchalski was a legendary high school basketball scout who dedicated his time recruiting high school basketball athletes and providing opportunities for young men to be successful. It is going to be a strange feeling not seeing Tom sitting on the sidelines with his pen and notepad. Tom Konchalski will always be remembered as a class-act individual and will always have a special place in our hearts here in the Hamilton Park community.

We are super excited to be back at beautiful Hamilton Park this Summer. For any teams that are interested in participating this summer, please reach out to us as soon as possible at hamiltonpark9@aol.com. Rosters are filling up fast, so do not wait until the last minute! Also, anyone that would like to sponsor or donate to the Hamilton Park Summer League, please send us an e-mail as well. We appreciate everyone who supports the Hamilton Park Summer League!! Please stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as more information and updates about the league will be posted on the website. We look forward to this year and being back with all of our fans at beautiful Hamilton Park! 🙂

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